List Your Dog!

We love dogs. We love upside down dogs even more. Please send your upside down dog picture to [email protected]. Please note that we average 20 submissions per day, and we will never be able to post them all. Here are A few rules and tips that MAY help you get your favorite upside down pup posted. Thanks!

1. MUST be upside down
2. MUST be a clear .jpg or .gif photo attached (NO links to pics like flickr, photobucket etc)
3. Submit the following information about your dog (please use this format)
Owner or Submitter's first name:
Short story, joke or interesting fact about your dog (Optional but this will increase your chances of getting posted):
4. try not to have people in the picture.
5. try to make the photo a close up of the dog's face. (funny pictures are preferred and get priority)
6. must NOT be a .png or .bmp image. ONLY .gif, .jpeg or .jpg files will be accepted!

There is usually a couple month or so lag on photos because of the amount we get! If you do not see your pup right away, this could be one reason. Check back often or please donate to get listed right away! Please do not be offended if we don't list your dog! If you feel you just have to have your dog listed asap, you can donate $10 or more for a Guaranteed Next Day Listing (first 3 guidelines still apply). Just click the donate button. If you don't have a photo to submit, but would just like to donate, you can do that as well. Thanks!

By sending us your photo, you acknowledge that you are the owner, and/or have the authority to do so. You also agree to give ownership rights and permission to to use this content in any way we see fit, including, but not limited to; the use on this website, in an ebook or in a regular published book. You also agree that we can put our watermark of "" on the photo.

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