Zali The Golden Retriever

7th September 2011

Zali The Golden Retriever

This is Zali, the 6 month old female Golden Retriever from Sydney, Australia. Our story sees us at our first visit to an off-leash dog park along a rather stinky canal. Zali was not off-leash for five minutes before she took a flying leap straight into the canal.  As we watched a face up, dead rat floating by my husband was able to fish her out.  On dry land again she was guided to the centre of the park and let go only to dash straight back and take another leap back in.  The next thing I know I'm hanging over the edge holding onto her collar whilst my husband holds onto me to make sure I don't tumble in after her.  It all ends with her out of the canal, a stinking mess and everyone cross with one another that noone managed to get a lead on her between leaps.  Are we going back?  Not likely!
Photo sent by Juliette.

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  • What a cutie xx

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