Nina The Yorkshire Terrier

2nd February 2009

Nina the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) from São Paulo, Brazil. Submitted by Fernanda.

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10 Comments to “Nina The Yorkshire Terrier”

  • Hi Ferrr!!

    Beautiful Nina!!

    ….. . . … !!

    Linda Nina!!!



  • definitely the Cousin Itt from Addams Family.

    Pretty dog! Congratulations

  • Lovelyyy!!!!

    mine’s called Ninu ^^

  • This picture couldn’t be any cuter!! Such gorgeous hair darling!!!

  • OMG i love these dogs but the g0od thing is that i already have one from Christmas.

  • proper upside down dog – & cute! i also have one called Bella so there may be some bias in my choice….

  • Looks like a baby version of chewie

  • So cute aaaaaaaaaaa

  • sasquach!!!!!!!

  • Hi Paulo! couldn't help notice our names were very similar ,I'm Paula Brazell and you have a lovely little yorkie.

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