Jeter, the 2.5 year old male Beagle & Spaniel Mix breed dog from Connecticut. Photo submitted by Greg.

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5 Comments to “Jeter The Beagle & Spaniel Mix Breed Dog”

  • Funny story about the dog’s name – Jeter. Greg, the owner, actually gave up the rights to naming his first-born daughter in order to name him that (his wife is a Red Sox fan). So far, no regrets reported, but I am hoping that his wife goes with Gertrude or Beatrice as a baby name.

  • Wow! Your dog looks JUST like my dog Daisy! She too is a beagle/spaniel mix! I always get excited when I see the same type of dog! :)

  • Great picture of Jeter. I to am in CT and almost 40 years ago my sister found stray,we named Hershel,that had the same markings as Jeter and loved to sleep on his back. We had that dog for 15 years and he was the best dog a 7 year old boy could grow up with.Before leash laws in rural areas, Hersh would follow me everywhere and wait out side friends homes till I came out.Enjoy your many years with Jeter.

  • I have a Beagle/Brittany that could be Jeters twin. She is also 2 1/2. She was born on 3-7-08
    We purchased her from a breeder we found online that was located in northeastern Missouri. I wonder if they are related???

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