Ginger The Chocolate Labrador Retriever

This is Ginger, the 5 year old female Chocolate Labrador Retriever from Saunderstown, RI. Today, March 25th, would have been Ginger's 11th birthday. Sadly she passed away at 9 years old.  However, when I stumbled upon your website this morning, I just had to submit my dear Ginger's photo.  This was taken when she was 5.  We called her sea otter because she spent lots of time playing and sleeping on her back.  She had great use of her hands and could hold nearly anything while playing.  My son created a drawing of this same picture and submitted it to his school's silent auction.  I spent $50 to buy it since there were others who wanted to buy it!  Happy Birthday Ginger!  Photo sent by Jan.

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