Carbon The Australian Cattle Dog Mixed Breed

This is Carbon, the 3 year old male  Australian Cattle Dog mixed breed from Colorado.  Carbon is a talker and the most jealous pup ever. He is also loves to cuddle and gives human-like hugs.  The trick he is doing in the second picture is kind of funny. The command is “show me nuts”. This is one of many tricks that Carbon does.Photo sent by Nicole and Robert.

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3 Comments to “Carbon The Australian Cattle Dog Mixed Breed”

  • Carbon just looks every bit like the cuddler you say he is!

  • Carbon looks like my Tex.

  • I suspect mixed with Aussie Shepherd, or German Shepherd.  Looks exactly like Rusty.  An Aussie mix, smart as hell, who passed away a couple years ago.  I have been trying to confirm the mis so I can find another one just like him.  Love the Aussie mix…beautiful dog

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