Jack The Jack Russell Mixed Breed

This is Jack, the 14 year old male Jack Russell mixed  breed  from Gillingham, Kent, UK. Does not Bark.  Will eat everything including salad items. Called by Mum – Dustbin or Vacuum cleaner! He was a rescue dog – was an absolute nightmare at first – leaping 4ft fences chasing cats and everything else! Then taken to dog training lessons – calmed down on the short lead. But dog trainer told me nothing more could be got out of the dog – too stubborn! But owner is also too stubborn, so kept up with training at home! Got him to walk with-out a lead in woods and fields etc several months later! Now when I go walking with him – he gets all the attention and I am ignored! :)  But still is my soppy Jack ! Photo sent by David.

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  • Reminds me of my old dog jack the jack russell  :P

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