Tonka The Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixed Breed

This is Tonka, the male Rhodesian Ridgeback and English Mastiff mixed breed from Mission Beach, QLD, Australia. Photo sent by  Carl and Sue.

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3 Comments to “Tonka The Rhodesian Ridgeback Mixed Breed”

  • We have a Rhodesian Ridgeback & absolutely love the breed.  Tonka is absolutely gorgeous!

  • He is absolutely adorably too cute & huggable/kissable!!!

  • I have rescued a second Bordercollie mix. The first we think is Border Mountain Cure about 56lbs @ 20mnths my 2nd  I now believe to be Border Ridgeback 63lbs @ 25mnths . After 17mnths with Charlette and 1mnth with Indyanna I know I made great choices, They play hard and then do the hound thing and take a knap! We live in the middle of wooded acerage and they both put there noses to the ground ! Love them both very much…

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