Geri The Border Collie

This is Geri, the 11 year old female Border Collie from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.  Geri was rescued from an abusive owner who beat her and put cigarettes out on her.  She was a few months old at the time and very, very nervous.  Since then she has grown into a loving and faithful member of the family.  She spends most of her time now snoring, but is a television addict, and has 'favourite' programmes like Coronation Street.  She adores any sport and gets very excited, grabs a toy (she has her own toy box) and stands in front of the tv shaking her selected toy and ruffing under her voice.  Photo sent by Chris.

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  • what a star!!!!

  • she certainly is – she needs more votes tho :-)

  • Come on people get voting for wor gezzawoo :D

  • We have a Maltese named Geri!
    Congratulations on your Geri!

  • We have a Maltese named Geri…
    Congratulations on your Geri!!

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