Scarlett The American Staffordshire Terrier

This is Scarlett, the 6 year old female American Staffordshire Terrier  from Tampa, Florida. Scarlett was a stray and found me when I was not looking for another fuzzy child.I had recently lost my "son" Maxx and then was bitten in the face by a belgian shepherd.She strolled into my complex one day and everyone yelled at me to pick up my Yorkie. I did but it was not necessary. Scarlett stole my heart and while I tried to foster her and find her a home.. she was returned to me twice. Someone was obviously trying to tell me something.I had read all the horrow stories about the bully breed but had never owned one. I am here to tell you that their rep is not accurate at all.Scarlett sleeps in the bed with me and she never leaves my side. She is loving and loyal and is such a goofy girl. Photo sent by Char.

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