Robbie The Shih Tzu

8th April 2011

Robbie The Shih Tzu

This is Robbie, the 1 year old male Shih Tzu  from Victoria, BC, Canada. Photo sent by Susan.  Robbie is a sweet little soul, who was adopted about a month ago by Wendy.  He was found in Victoria as a stray dog and ended up at the local shelter.  Despite his uncertain start to life, he has settled in with more love and cuddles than he could have ever expected!  I work with his Mom Wendy, so Robbie comes to the office every day to keep us all company.  This photo was taken while he was having a nap.  He fell asleep with his stuffy toy wrapped around his upside-down paws.

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2 Comments to “Robbie The Shih Tzu”

  • this is the cutest little shih tzu! oh i absolutely love him … i hope i bump into him around victoria! adorable!

  • This is such a cute little guy! I just want to hug him!

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