Lucy The Pug Mix

12th March 2011

Lucy The Pug Mixed Dog

This is Lucy, the 9 month old female Pug mixed dog from Guelph, Ontario, Canada.   Lucy was adopted from our local animal shelter when she was about 5 months old. We think she is part cat – she can climb and jump on anything, one of her favourite “perches” is on the back of our loveseat where she can see out the window. Photo sent by Stacey.
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8 Comments to “Lucy The Pug Mix”

  • This is my family’s puppy!

  • Lucy is so CUTE!!!

  • I think Lucy is sooo cute!

  • Thanks Emma!

  • She can be a hanful though… She destroys tennis balls in 1-10 minutes…
    We call her Destructo sometimes…..
    She's hilarious!

  • And she loves lying in the sun. That's another thing.

  • aww its so cute! my favourite dogs are:
    chow chow
    english bull terrier

  • Elizabeth calls Lucy Bubba!

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