Cyrano, the 4 year old male Golden Retriever mix breed dog and his friend Oz the cat hat, from Mebane, North Carolina. Photo submitted by Eliza.

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8 Comments to “Cyrano The Golden Retriever Mix”

  • I have been trying to figure out what kind of puppy i have, the vet said some kind of collie mix, so I started looking and my puppy looks a like Cyrano, is this the mix of border collie and golden retriever? If so, I would like to talk some about the temperments and stuff if you have some time.

    Thanks for your time.

  • I have a puppy who looks just like Cyrano, his name is Alfie I got him from the animal shelter and he is a german shepherd x golden retriever… the vets often confused him with a collie x retriever until i met germen shepherd breeders who’s family dog ( a retriever) impregnated a purebred bitch and the result was a dog that looks just like Cyrano and Alfie…. hope that helps

  • I have a 2 year old golden mix who looks like Cyrano’s twin sister, same markings, and she also has that “fox” look when she’s laying down. Had I not known better and saw this picture I would have thought they were the same dog…
    Do you happen to know what Cyrano is mixed with?

  • We have the same dog and cat!!! Too funny, every morning we wake up the dog chases the cat, then the cat chases the dog. They are brothers.

  • I have a dog named Kodiak and he has the same double coat and exact markings, his ears are small andd floppy, and he is right around that age, I found him when he was a poupuppy b/c someone abandond him, I live around bellingham, and I brought him to the vet and they though he was golden retriever and malamute mix, so I was curious to see what urs was

  • Our little dog named Tarsha aka Jaggi is having similar look, my daughter brought it from her friends house when it was eight days little pup,Now it is our darling.

  • My dog looked just like this one! She was a golden retriever cross, which i believe she is cross red cattle dog. I say my dog Rosie is 90% retriever, and 10% Cattle because of her markings, and her triangle shaped ears. If there was a bit of white markings down the nose bridge area and change the cat to a persian, i'd say this dog was mine! 

  • I have dog almost the same , golden mix with collie and or Germen shepherd her name is TWIX , and we have same cat too name GIZA

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