Zen The Brittany Spaniel

23rd January 2011

zen the brittany spaniel dog

This is Zen, the 1 year old male Brittany Spaniel dog from Sarasota, Florida. Photo sent by Erika.
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4 Comments to “Zen The Brittany Spaniel”

  • He is sooo funny in this pic:)hahaha

  • He is mister cool Brit,

  • I have a 5 year old male brittany named toby, and he loves the belly rub position!!!

  • Hi, ever since we rescued Teuntje, our cross Brittanny Spaniel from Spain, I've been waiting for the moment to catch her upside down… Tonight, one and a half years later, finally, we succeeded.
    In light of the vampire mania of the moment, I think auditions for Twilight will be next for him!

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