Toby The Chinese Shar-Pei

2nd February 2009

Toby the Chinese Shar-Pei from Chicago Illinois. Submitted by Melissa.

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7 Comments to “Toby The Chinese Shar-Pei”

  • so cute!!!

  • That’s one lumpy dog!

  • Toby is a cutie! I’ve just submitted a pic of my Shar Pei Rosie so keep looking for her! x

  • Wow. you guys live in America :)

  • OMG! :)

  • yesh, this looks exactly like my nap partner today. Herc didn’t quite understand me when I kept saying, “Awww. Who’s my little” LOL!!!

  • Toby reminds me of my late shar pei ‘Tigger’ :( he’s too cute

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