Lola, the 10 month old female Rottweiler and Labrador Retriever mix breed dog from New Zealand. Photo submitted by Caitlin.

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7 Comments to “Lola The Rottweiler & Labrador Mix”

  • haha this is my dog lola!!! I just did a google search of rottixlab and saw my dog!! My sister posted this :)

  • Totally looks like a rottweiler in this pic. So cute :)

  • This looks exactly like my dog!! Lol!!!

  • OMG! She looks gorgeous! I have a year old male lab x rotti Ty, hes is the most amazing dog i have ever had the pleasure to own, hes great with the cats and the kids, fun loving and really part of our family… I can see Lola is the same… He looks just like her xx

  • I had to put my rotti/lab to sleep as he got old (14), 2009,and I would love another of his breed. Do you know who or where I might be able to find one. PS Your dog looks just like him. Beuatiful.

  • This is really weird. That looks just like my dog, who’s name also happens to be Lola. And when we got her, she was wearing a pink collar just like that one. O.o

  • This dog looks very much like the New Zealand Huntaway.

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