Keegan, the 1.5 year old male Siberian Husky dog from Weston, Florida. Photo submitted by the Eggart Family.

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4 Comments to “Keegan The Siberian Husky”

  • My siberian husky is exactly the same color with a mostly pink nose and one blue
    eye and one hazel eye. My wife thought it
    was our dog. amazing

  • Very very pretty colors and such a cute dog [=

  • hey Eggart family this is bianca in aiyana’s class and i just wanted to tell you that Keegan is the cutiest dog i have seen…. EVER!!!!

  • I have a siberian husky name zues. He is one year old. And he like to sleep up side down and sleep on bed. we have 1995 ford gt and he like to ride in it. He is a rad and wite husky.

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