Pumpkin Pie, the 2 year old female Golden Retriever from Massachusetts. Photo submitted by Beth.

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4 Comments to “Pumpkin Pie The Golden Retriever”

  • I have a male golden retriever, almost 2 years old, Akc certificate, and I am looking for a female to breed. are you interested?

  • what an angel

  • I think that a dog that adorable should be put on display! I love dogs, and I have been trying too capture a photo of my Lab, Buddy, when he is upside-down. Your dog is a cutie!

  • Hi Carla!
    Pumpkin is a rescue dog. She lived exclusively outside for FIVE years before we rescued her. Not only is she fixed, but I would never never never purchase or take part in breeding when there are gorgeous (love that you thought she was PB with papers) and sweet dogs who needs home.

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