Paco, the 3 year old male Chihuahua/Pug mixed breed dog from Fletcher, North Carolina. Photo submitted by Lisa.

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8 Comments to “Paco The Chihuahua & Pug Mix”


  • i’m upside down

  • chuggies are addorable, i happen to own one and love iut dearly!!!!!!!!!!what are some movement gestures to be aware of, and what are some nervous symptomsof the chuggie. rsvp would be greatly appreciated.

  • that paco is really funny and cute

  • i have a chwawa pug

  • hes adorable and actually looks the same as mine since we adopted him a week ago…just curious how much does yours weigh?

  • he looks exactly like my dog chiks every detail i thought it was him at first

  • He looks just like my Winston!!!

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