Bella the Pitbull/Bull Terrior mix from Seattle Washington. Submitted by Nikoel.

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6 Comments to “Bella The Pitbull/ Bull Terrier Mix”

  • Hahaha brilliant! I’ve just submitted pics of my Shar Pei and Lurcher so keep checking for Rosie & Bambi! x

  • awww she is so cute i have a pitbull named bella to and she is black and white and my other ppitbull is a red nose pitbull named baxter and he is brown and a little bit of white

  • Those are some huge lips ,i got a brow pitbull at home with flopy lips aswell

  • lol.. i can see both of the breeds in this picture. funny picture. and cuteee doggy.

  • bella looks so cute. i have a full blooded pit bull that looks like her.

  • gotta tell ya photo is absolutely PRICELESS lmao when i seen pup just came up missing and i live in ny where its absolutely freezing out and have been unsuccessful at finding her.this photo cheered me up.even if it is for a brief moment.thank u.and love the breed.always have.

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