Archie The Great Dane

23rd March 2009

Archie, the 5 month old male Great Dane dog from Lansing, Michigan. Photo submitted by Lindz.

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10 Comments to “Archie The Great Dane”

  • You should of kept the picture upside down…durrr.

  • Archie is our grand dog…….. Pretty cute!!!!!

  • Smart Dog Lindz….That’s Our Grand dog…

  • Nooo that’s how you’re supposed to do it! Roxy’s was like that too :O)

  • when i sky dive i feel so alive!

  • This is the BEST!!! Made me laugh out loud!!

  • It’s a bird, its a plane, no it’s SUPERDOG

  • HAHA HOW AMAZIN, skydive dog lol

  • BAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahhahah!! What a wicked dog!

  • He is like a super hero

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