Buck The Labrador Retriever Dog

13th September 2010

buck the labrador retriever dog

This is Buck the 12 year old male labrador retriever from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Picture submitted by Samantha.

Special thanks for the donation to support Upside Down Dogs!

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7 Comments to “Buck The Labrador Retriever Dog”

  • Love you Buck! My best buddy!

  • Buck’s a SUPERSTAR!!!!! <3

  • Buck is a sweet dog! His owner is nice enough to let my grandchildren dog sit. Buck and Nova are part of their family! Thank you Chris!

  • Buck you are so cute! I am so glad this picture got sumbmitted so everyone can see his cuteness!I cant wait to see you again!
    Wuv kimbowleeey

  • hey buck im sooo glad u got on upside down dogs and i glad people like u!!!!bark bark woooooffff woooooofffff.

  • Mr. Man….my one true love!!!! :)

  • Looks like Buck takes a great picture of himself!! Love you!

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