Roxy, the 8 year old female black Lab and Dachshund mix breed dog from Cincinnati, Ohio. Photo submitted by Elaine.

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7 Comments to “Roxy The Black Lab & Dachshund Mix”

  • This is the funniest picture of a dog I’ve ever seen.

  • I have two black dachshund and lab mix boys. Their names are Frank and Walt. Our Dog Walt does the same thing, as Roxy. I have lots of pictures of him doing the same thing. They were born in the Texas Panhandle and they are 6 years old we rescued them from the SPCA They are such great dogs. They are medium size dogs Frank has more dachshund in him while Walt has more lab.

  • I just got a female Lab/Dachshund and I’m wondering how big they get.

    Maybe one of you can help me.

  • I had a dachshund-lab mix for 8 years. I just had to put him to sleep because of canine disc disease. I would love to get in touch with other people who own these kinds of dogs. I had no idea that Jack wasn’t the only Weenylab (also affectionately called labeenies)on earth. my email is, if anyone would like to share any pictures or stories.

  • We adopted a dachs- lab mix from the humane society just before Christmas, its great to see hes not the only one out there!

  • I have a 4 year old Dachsador just like Roxy. She has been the best dog yet. She never meets a stranger, loves kids and other animals. I can't tell you how many people want a dog just like her. This mix is actually becoming much more popular. I have talked with some people that have paid over $1000 for this mix. I was lucky and found her at Animal Rescue after being in a foster home.

  • i have a pretty little weiner/lab as well. her name is breanna. she is the entertainment of the house. you really don't have a choice but to love her. i had never heard of her mix untill after we got her

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