Max, the 9 year old male Beagle/Boxer/Pit Bull mix breed dog from Attleboro, Massachusetts. Phot submitted by Lisa.

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8 Comments to “Max The Beagle/Boxer/Pit Bull Mix”

  • So cute! I just wanted to stop by and say that we think our dog is the same mutt mix! She’s a rescue so we’re not sure what her origins are. But she looks very similar to Max from what I can tell. I’ve never seen another dog of that mix before.

  • Please tell me more about this combo of a dog. I recently was asked if I wanted a puppy -beagle/bull terrior mix. I did some reading and I am just not sure if I am ready for that.

  • hi well you have acute dog well bye

  • Adorable!
    I have a dog that I think is about the same combination of breeds and shes amazing. Completely loyal, good listener, but also very wary of strangers. She’s great with the family, but it takes her a few minutes to get used to new people.

  • AWWW I also have a pitbull/beagle mix and he looks just like Max! Great family dogs.

  • My brooklyn dior is a twin to your max ,what awesome dogs they are !!! They are truly GODS gift to humans…

  • Your max looks like my Tinkerbell

  • I have a boxer/pit bull mix. He is the light of my life. He’s 5 years old and named Billy D. It’s funny that they make the same faces when sleeping.

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