Shasta The American Pitbull Terrier Dog

This is Shasta, the 6 month old female american pitbull terrier dog from Oceanside, California. Photo sent by Sarah and Joshua.

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9 Comments to “Shasta The American Pitbull Terrier Dog”

  • “What?!!!…I didn’t bring my wallet either!”

  • Who?! Who!? Who said I was CRAZY??!!!

  • Its so cute!
    I Love Sasha =)
    ready vote

  • So cute!! What an adorable face!!

  • Congrats…you’ve created E.T. cute!

  • Free spirited like a kid, but listens to master. Smart and loves to do tricks. He’s just like a little kid…free and fun lovin

  • if dogs could talk, this dog

  • Awwwwh hes so cuteeeee xx

  • Humongous must ridiculously huge GASP!! Haha

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