Dax The Great Dane Mix

31st January 2009

Dax the Great Dane Mix from Washington. Submitted by Sam.

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10 Comments to “Dax The Great Dane Mix”

  • Aww, this dog looks oh so happy – and is quite possibly dreaming of flying!

  • OMG, Dax is too too cute!

  • Flying vampire dog

  • Yeah, Etni is right. It’s a flying vampire dog! LOL Hilarious! Dax is undoubtedly the best of all the upside down dogs!

  • He is sooooo cute. HaHa flying, right!

  • Uh oh, I’m stuck! LOL!

  • I’m kind of in love with this dog. So cute so cute so cute so cute.

  • Bat-think

  • I was wondering if other Great Dane mix dogs lay like mine LOL!!!!

  • I also have a dane called Dallas and they really are this crazy, Dax is definately the best upside down dog MWA!

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