Misty The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog

This is Misty, the 8 year old female staffordshire bull terrier dog from Scotland. Photo sent by Adele.

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7 Comments to “Misty The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog”

  • I love Misty! What a sweet photo!!

  • That is one snaggle-toothed evil-looking poochie!


  • Shes my baby! she wouldnt harm a fly! i love her too :)

  • Right side up, she is probably a sweetie. Upside down she’s a model for a gargoyle. LOL

  • She’s most likely a great looking dog, I love the breed. But upside down….she reminds me of Lil’ Wayne when he’s grinning. XD

  • She looks like she just got away with stealing cookies off the table!

  • Heh, they'll never find out I pooped in the kitchen…

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