Kekoa, the 3 year old male Dachshund & Miniature Pinscher mix breed dog from Anaheim, California. Photo submitted by Cher.

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5 Comments to “Kekoa The Dachshund/Miniature Pinscher Mix”

  • Hi, I love this little sweetie!! I have a black and tan female Doxie. I do however think she is a Min-Pin mix.She is also gorgeous!I also have a long-haired male Doxie with dark auburn hair with black tips.Can you post a photo of yours that I can see her head better?

    Thanks, Dot

  • this is what my dog looks like she is 2 and a half. same colorings. mini pinscher and dauchshund.

  • Hey he is such a cutie if i had a job and my own place i would totally but him.

  • BUY i met.

  • we have a mini pin/dashund hes tan and very spoiled and very awsome with my handicapped daughter .hes so sweet  im from ohio .any body got any other info on these type of dogs .

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