Ava Bean, the 9 month old female Boston Terrier & Jack Russell mix breed dog from Ohio. Photo submitted by Stephanie.

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8 Comments to “Ava Bean The Boston Terrier/ Jack Russell Mix”

  • lol that is so funny. 1 of my dogs is the same breed. the other 1 is 3 types of differint breeds

  • super cute

  • looks like tim curry!

  • That pic is too cute!

  • Looks like one happy puppy!

  • Cute. I have 2 Jack Russel/Boston terriers….Corrie and Millie….they’re a handfull to say the least, but they’re so adorable!

  • so funny!!!!!

  • We have a facebook page just for bojack mix!!  Come on over and join.  You will see my baby girl on there too

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