Chani, the 4 year old female Labrador Retriever & German Shepherd mix breed dog from Phoenix, Arizona. Photo submitted by Carol & Chaim.

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3 Comments to “Chani The Labrador/German Shepherd Mix”

  • Hi,
    I was thinking of adopting a german shep/lab mix puppy. I was wondering what kind of temperment do they have and can she/he stay home alone while I am at work Do they have a problem with being alone for 8hours.

    Any info would be very helpful.

  • I have a female lab/sheppard mix. She is wonderfull. She was unrulely when I adopted her from my nieghbors when she was about 1yr. she was just to much for them and thier small childern since they had only small house bound dogs in the past. Very quickly she settled down once with my family. Daily romps along the San Joaquin river brought out the best of her two breeds and made her very confident and focused. She goes everywhere with me and is always popular with everyone especialy kids

  • Shes a beautiful mix!

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