Possum The English Mastiff Mixed Dog

This is Possum, the 6 week old english mastiff and american bulldog mixed dog from Hovea, Western Australia. Photo sent by Kylie and Craig.

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5 Comments to “Possum The English Mastiff Mixed Dog”

  • is it a boy or gril dosen’t matter it is pretty

  • Me & my sister laughed and laughed at this picture – what a gorgeous lad! Possum also looks like he’s laughing his head off! Brilliant.

  • LOL, Poss is a she :) Her father is also on this website (just search for Boris). She’s a character alright!!

  • Joda! It is Joda! So Joda is an upsidedown dog! No wonder he is so wise!

  • What a gorgeous smile Possum the dog has! She looks to be having a right old laugh there.

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