Cleo, the 7 month old German Shorthair Pointer dog from South Carolina. Photo submitted by J. Fedder.

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4 Comments to “Cleo The German Shorthair Pointer”

  • This pic is touching. My best friend had a German Shorthair pointer and its name was chloe and she accidentally got let out and got ran over by a drunk driver… it was very hard for her she was only 6, 7, or 8 when it happend.

  • i would like to see more pics of your beautfull dog!!!

  • Sorry to hear about your friend’s loss Braxton. My wife and I have a GSP who will be 2 years this July 4th.

    He sleeps just like this and has similar markings.

  • i have a German Shorthair pointer he does the same thing they r sooo cute!

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