Fangus Khan The Thai Ridgeback Dog

This is Elwood, the 1 year  old male thai ridgeback dog from Wonder Lake, Illinois. Photo sent by Ditte.

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8 Comments to “Elwood The Thai Ridgeback Dog”

  • Awesome picture, Fangus!

  • Cute!! Neat that he’s from Wonder Lake… Lots of family there and go there often:)

  • That is so cool…

  • His name is Elwood, not fangus khan

  • oops, sorry. Awesome picture, Elwood! I have a cousin named Elwood.

  • Hehehe look at his little skin-roll! CUTE!

  • WOW Luving the teeth

  • yes, he's got really white teeth…a lot whiter than mine…must have been bleached by the vet huh? :) hahahahaha…

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