Jack The Newfoundland

1st March 2009

Jack, the male 2 year old Newfoundland dog, from Marietta, Georgia. Photo submitted by Debbie.

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9 Comments to “Jack The Newfoundland”

  • Nice smile!!!

  • Looks like Jack Nicholson!!!!! LOL

  • This dog’s face will haunt my dreams. He DOES look like Jack Nicholson!

  • I have a newfoundland, I love him so much, your dog is so cute! That is how my dog looks when he is upside down also! :)

  • I am starting my own dog grooming biz.

  • Woah, scary! LOL great pic.. and yeah I can also see the resemblance to Jack Nicholson! lmao!

  • I love so much photos like this with teeth. My newf Beba (Baby on eng.) loves sleeping upside down, and she also looks like evil gremlin. Kiss from Croatia

  • omg he realy look like jack nicolson
    man tat is scaring me!!!

  • I think this is the only way to get a NL dog to show their teeth…they are such gentle giants! Luv 'em! Hugs from a real Newfoundlander!

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