Koivu The Boxer Dog

27th February 2009

Koivu, the 10 month old Boxer from Hamilton, Ontario. Photo submitted by Laura.

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4 Comments to “Koivu The Boxer Dog”

  • what a beautiful dog.they are so much fun.i have a 6 month old called kai

  • Where does the name come from? Koivu means birch tree in Finnish. :)

  • What abeautiful little baby you have. How old is he?
    I have a new baby too . His name is mason. He will be 18 weeks old next Thursday.

    There is only one thing better than a Boxer………….. 2

  • Ive had this pic on my desktop for a few weeks now and cant bring myself to change it. Makes me smile every time – completely shows the boxer personality, brilliant

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