Vito The Bandog Dog

1st June 2010

vito the bandog dog

This is Vito, the 1 year old male bandog dog from Shrub Oak, NY. Photo sent by Keri and Rich.

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5 Comments to “Vito The Bandog Dog”

  • I think that is the funniest thing I’ve ever saw. hehe. He’s soooo cute! awwwww :)

  • He’s sooo cute..

  • This is Vito’s SUPERDOG posture that he adopts when nobody will give him a belly rub! Sometimes he does it so long that he falls asleep in that position : )

  • what a dog! sadly banned here in britain because of stupid dangerous dog rules, dangerous owner rule should be brought in, not ban breeds.

  • Hes enjoying himself…

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