Dermit The Pitbull Dog

21st April 2010

dermit the pitbull dog

This is Dermit, the 6 year old female red nosed pitbull dog.  Photo sent by Justin and Christine.

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6 Comments to “Dermit The Pitbull Dog”

  • That is the greatest picture I have ever seen

  • The entire basis for this blog site and the whole charm of the upside down dog is that when the picture is rotated, and the dog looks right-side up. FLIP IT!

  • Ya she is right side up we just put the mattress on top of her and her lips and ears raise up like that automatically great trick huh

  • i think shes the prettiest dog upside down or right side up

  • shes the greatest

  • does she have puppies i want 2 of those beautiful dods

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