sage the german shorthair pointer dog

This is Sage, the 2 year old female german shorthair pointer dog from Ormond Beach, Florida. Photo sent by Robin.

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2 Comments to “Sage The German Shorthair Pointer Dog”

  • he be like this is my good side

  • Hi,
    I’m Kofi in the Weimaraner Breed on this site my momtook a photo of me w/o me knowing — So I was checking to see if my younger sister BT was also in here she is a Black GSP — I think Sage is a pretty dog my sister I think looks like a boy– because she is such a Tom Boy & plays & plays & plays — You should see our yard now Yuko — anyway — I voted for you — your mom took a really nice photo —
    Kofi A. Babette
    Have a great Mother’s Day w/ your mom Robin ;o))

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