boris the american bulldog mixed dog

This is Boris, the 7 month old male english mastiff and american bulldog mixed dog from Hovea, Western Australia. Photo sent by Kylie and Craig.

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9 Comments to “Boris The English Mastiff Mixed Dog”

  • Aint he just gorjus!

  • Boris is THE cutest Daddy Doggy in the ENTIRE world! What a gentle giant <3

  • What a gorgeous upside down smile he has :)

  • luv it sick!

  • kylie are all your dogs this crazy or have they picked it up from owners lol

  • Where do I vote for this beautiful boy?

  • LOL Brian, yes! hehe… should see the pups!

  • Lovin it! He’sthe best. How do I vote?

  • Hey Cin, vote on the stars under his name :) xx

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