Lily The Chihuahua Dog

13th April 2010

lily the chihuahua dog

This is Lily, the 3 year old female chihuahua dog from Centreville, Virigina. Photo sent by Rob and Sandy.

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7 Comments to “Lily The Chihuahua Dog”

  • I think my granddaughter is beautiful.

  • I love my baby girl! She’s so sweet!

  • Where did you get her? I had a chi that looked the same. I listed her in the website portion of this! Someone took my dog from me when I was in Columbus and was never able to find her or get her back!! Very cute picture! I love Chihuahuas!

  • shes beautiful, she looks like my chi named Lil Mommy….

  • It looks as if it could be asleep.

  • hey i have a dog that looks EXACLY like that and her name is lily!!! same fur color same eyes same ears same nose!

  • What's funny is that your dog's name is Lily.. mine is Calla (after the Calla Lilly) and she looks just like that when she lays down.  (Reason she's named after that is because I thought Calla as a puppy was beautiful – and I wanted to give her a name that represented something beautiful!)
    Love your dog!  So cool!

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