Elwood, the 7 month old male Chesapeake Retriever and Boxer mix breed dog from Chesapeake Beach, Maryland. Photo submitted by Malcolm.

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5 Comments to “Elwood The Chesapeake Retriever and Boxer Mix”

  • OMG! I have a dog that looks identical to that… and when I say identical, I mean absolutely identical. So much so, that I and my fiance thought it was my dog (Because I have uploaded a pic of him.). It’s so weird, because they are not very very common looking dogs.

  • thats a funny pic

  • is he growling???

  • It’s funny my new 5 month old puppy looks just like that too, where I got her told me she was a boxer mix but couldn’t figure out what she was mixed with, but it looks like I just found out…. I wonder though where do they get the brindle coloring?

  • I have same exact dog too!!!!!!

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