Oscar The Boxer

19th February 2009

Oscar, the 2 year old male Boxer dog, from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Photo Submitted by Jennifer.

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8 Comments to “Oscar The Boxer”

  • This dog looks like an alien!

  • I am the owner a Boxer as well, her name is Penelope. Like Oscar, she is very clown-like and very much a ham for the camera. Hands down, one of the best breeds out there!

  • he is too funny

  • My best guy-friend has 2 boxers and they are big sweethearts! Oscar seems like a sweetie 2!

  • He is the cutest pup ever!! but kerrie is right he looks like an alien off the men in black movie lol

  • lol thats so funny

  • that dog was on you tube!!!

  • I have seen a vid of oscar howling at a siren. He was pretty funny and I love boxers.

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