This is "Mimi" Sher-mi Imagine It's All About Me WC, a 9-year-old female Labrador Retriever Valencia, CA. Mimi was the only yellow out of a litter of eight with the rest of her siblings being black. We have had Mimi her entire life since she was born in our house so we are the only ones to blame for her weirdness. Michelle, Jo-Anne's daughter who is submitting this is never fails to tell our little Mimers how "special" she is. The girl won't lay down and be normal, but somehow she can figure out how to launch herself to pick tomatoes off of the hanging plants on our back porch cover. We find her laying like this quiet often, but it never fails to make us laugh. We love our little lady and are so lucky for all of the love and laughs she has given us. Photo sent by Jo-Anne Jace.

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