coco american pitbull dog
This is Coco, the one year old female American Pitbull Terrier dog from Hollywood, California. Photo sent by Bill.

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3 Comments to “Coco The American Pit Bull Terrier Dog”

  • Hugs,Love,Licks,Wags and Giggles Coco your Beautiful!

  • This is a picture that should be sent to Hallmark for a greeting card !!!!

  • Awww… your doggie Coco is sooooo adorable! My first childhood dog, a golden retriever, was named Coco! My husband and I have a Shar-pei mix, possibly with pit bull, boxer or Rhodesian ridgeback, that’s what we hear when people meet her! She will be 2 yrs old on 8/1!

    I will be voting a 10! Take care ~

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