Tucker The Dogue de Bordeaux

7th December 2009

tucker the dogue de bordeaux
This is Tucker, the 1.5 year old male Dogue de Bordeaux dog from Boulder, Colorado. Pic sent by Anthony.

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8 Comments to “Tucker The Dogue de Bordeaux”

  • 10 stars from me – best pic – amazing.

  • what a beautiful creature

  • This dog is just scarry!

  • BAaaaaaaaaahahahahahahh thats so funny!

  • Where’s the wrinkle cream?

  • AAHHHHH ITS A GIANT PRUNE!!!!! Oh wait its just Tucker.

  • OH GEEZE!!!! I can only hope I don’t look
    that someday!! I’m suddenly motivated to get
    a facial tomorrow!! Awwwwww tucker… Keep
    smiling :)

  • I'd like to see what he looks like when not upside down…. ô_ô

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