Gus The Australian Bulldog

17th November 2009

guss the australian bulldog dog
This is Gus, the 5 year old male Australian Bulldog dog breed from Mount Martha, Australia. Pic sent by Gail.

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5 Comments to “Gus The Australian Bulldog”

  • Oh Guss reminds me of a gremlin in this pic!

  • We still love you Guss!

  • Hysterical lololol!

  • Oh Gussie, you are an idividual with your own category and everything!

  • Hi Gail ,i have an aussie bulldog aswell . His name is roy and he is 7-9 months old . i was just wondering has Gus ever had any hip problems beacause roy gets quite alot and the vet said this was quite normal in aussie bulldogs . im just curious …

    Cheers :)

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