little girl the sharpei mixed dog2

This is Little Girl, the 14 month old female Sharpei mixed breed dog from Fountain Valley, California. Photo sent by Albert.

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5 Comments to “Little Girl The Mixed Breed Dog”

  • Hey Little Girl, you are so adorable…and upside down, haha.

  • Such a sweetheart! I just had to give you 10 stars!

  • Such a cuddly, cute dog! A perfect 10!

  • what is the little girl mixed shar-pei dog mixed with? She looks alot like our dog we just got from the pound and we cannot figure out what he’s mixed with. He’s definitely shar-pei but we cannot figure out the other mix and he does look alot like her!

  • We don’t know what she is mixed with. We’ve heard anything from lab, to boxer, to pit bull. Quite a few people have even asked if she’s a pit bull. We’ll probably eventually do the DNA testing to find out.

    Your dog must be adorable. Did you list him here?

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