Puma The Doberman Pinscher

7th February 2009

Puma the 10 month old Doberman Pinscher from London. Submitted by Aila.

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5 Comments to “Puma The Doberman Pinscher”

  • Puma often sleeps like that to give us the impression that he is smiling.

  • Puma may look vicious and huge, but really at heart he is only a poodle. He is the peterpan of dog’s world, the dog who never grew up. :o)

  • So cute and funny! i love dobermans! wish i had one! they are awesome! peace out to all dobes!! yeah! gigitext

  • My brother has a Doberman, but i’ve never seen any do that! :) LOL

  • This pic is awesome and so so cute!

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