This is BT (Babette  Thompson), an 8-year-old German Shorthair Pointer, from Jacksonville, FL. BT is the most energetic,  dog I have ever had. We have a acre and she  loves  it   — no grass ( Sweet, very little yard work ). sShe has never changed, even now she is at 8 yrs old. She eats in 2 seconds (she has no idea what taste is ). Had put balls in her food dish, they came out same meal I put them in. When she sleeps, she's out as you see here LOL. So glad my wife brushes BT's teeth. Photo sent by Jon &  Babette Thompson.

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One Comment to “BT the German Shorthair Pointer”

  • Sweet, this is me — checking myself OUT 
    I see Beth, Liked it, How Pawsome is that BoL (y) 
    <3 you Beth – Bars & Kit  

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