clyde the boston terrier texas dog
This is Clyde, the adopted, nine year old male Boston Terrier dog breed from Fort Worth, Texas. Photo was submitted by Valarie.

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5 Comments to “Clyde The Boston Terrier Dog”

  • This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! He is sooo cute. He must be a well loved puppy!

  • This fur-baby is just to sweet for words!!

  • We didn’t ask Clyde to do this! We have him the pacifier – or “Binky” as we call if for him – and he just loved it!! within about an hour or two – I walked through the living area to find him totally flat on his back & so relaxed that I snapped about 7 photos and left him there – still half asleep! What a character he is!!

  • awwww a baby

  • This is a breed which can be adored, along with the barkless basenjil


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